Ancient Messene

Ancient Messene Day Trip from Kalamata

A significant ancient city in terms of its size, form, and state of preservation and still has much to offer.

The total duration of the tour: 5 Hrs
• Tour to Ancient Messene (Site & Museum)
• Departure back to Kalamata

We will pick you up from your hotel, preferably in the morning and in less than an hour we will be in Ithomi hill where Ancient Messene is located. During our trip, we will adjust our tour to your wishes and needs. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the stunning scenery and learn about the myths, traditions and secrets of the area…More Info

Our first stop will be at the source of village Mauromati. We will recount of the legend that reveals the name of the village: a myth that reaches back to the years of ancient Greeks’ mythology and is related to the upbringing of Zeus. You will be amazed by the structures of the city’s fortification wall and the only surviving entrance gate to the ancient city. They are standing there since 369 BC. We will enter through the Arcadian Gate and can admire its splendour and try to imagine how it felt to be a Messenian warrior going to battle. We will walk through the same paths where once stepped Epaminondas, the famous General from Ancient Thiva, who founded the city of Ancient Messene on the ruins of Ancient Ithomi. Ruins that were the result of the Spartans’ invasion. Just above the ancient city, Nikos’ traditional coffee shop, will host us for about an hour before entering the main site. There, you will learn everything about the foundation of the city, its history and the continuously changing history of its rulers. We will take you to the entrance and let you walk around at your convenience, as long as you need within the ancient city. When you will finish we will be waiting right there with cool water and ready to answer all your questions. The small Archaeological Museum which will be our next stop and will amaze you! After all these battles and wars, if you’re hungry, we can enjoy together traditional flavours of the region and continue discussing a little more about your experience. If you are a fan of the sea, we can immediately return to your hotel so you can enjoy your afternoon swim in the sea! This experience will be unforgettable! We are waiting for you to take you back in time!


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• Transfer from Kalamata to Ancient Messene (30 Km / ~ 45 min)

• Transfer from Kalamata to Ancient Messene (30 Km / ~ 45 min)

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