Private Day Trip to Sparta

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A ‘laconic’ journey back in time throughout Greek history

Private Day Trip to Sparta


Tour Duration


Kalamata ⇄ Sparta ≈120Km


Guided tour to ancient Sparta


Visit Olive Oil Museum (Optional)

Our adventure will start from your hotel, preferably in the morning and in less than two hours we will reach our destination, famous Sparta.

The route is spectacular, as we will cross the famous mountain of Taygetos so full of myths and traditions. Passing through ravines, tunnels, caves and green forests we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better in order to adjust our tour to your travel needs.
Our first stop for photos will be in Keadas. This was where the Ancient Spartans would… bring newborn sick children and throw them over, in order to avoid the continuation of defective genes, to protect their proud and perfect race.
Modern Sparta was built exactly in the same location as the ancient city. Its origins are from October 20, 1834, when King Otto signed the edict for the construction of the new town.
The ancient site that we will visit afterwards, will astound you. The Acropolis of Ancient Sparta and its monuments are still standing from the sixth century BC, in defiance of all the centuries gone by. We will see the Ancient Theatre, the Temple of Chalkioikos Athena, the circular building, the remains of the stores of the ancient agora, a Persian Gallery and many more. You will have information for each monument that we will see, and for all the events of everyday life of the ancient Spartans and their kings.
Leaving the Acropolis, we will visit the “Tomb of Leonidas,” the most famous king of ancient Sparta. We will feel the respect that harboured the Spartans to their kings and also we will be able to understand their frugal lifestyle.
Our next stop will take us back to the history of modern Sparta. The Olive – Oil Museum, will make us reflect on the importance of this tree to the survival of local people over the centuries. We will learn how our ancestors collected the olive fruits and the technological evolution which has occurred through the years.
After all this information and knowledge you will be exhausted and hungry. Mediterranean traditional dishes at local restaurants will be waiting for us. If you prefer swimming, we can immediately return to your hotel to let you enjoy the sea in the afternoon!
Believe us….it is going to be an experience that you will never forget!

6 BC

The Acropolis of Ancient Sparta


Modern Sparta built

2500m ↑

Taygetos Mountain

500m ↓


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• Smoking is not permitted while on board
• Subject to favorable weather conditions. If canceled due to poor weather, you will be given the option of an alternative date or full refund
• The language of the tour is Greek and English. Other languages can be provided at an extra charge
• Time and place of departure: After coordination
• Expect mostly warm weather in Greece during the tour
• Comfortable walking shoes, sun-glasses, a hat and loose fitted clothing are strongly recommended


Per Group: 300€
Group: 1 – 8 persons

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